Bolsa Geométrica

R$ 4.340,00

Bolsa Geométrica

R$ 4.340,00


R$ 4.340,00

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More than 140 hours. That's how long our inspiration takes to reach your hands.

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For us, each bag is a sculpture, like a delicate fresco. We craft, carve and shape each one by hand . We think of the most subtle details . We design each drawing, each sensation . We bring to life intricate pieces of art with resounding stories.

We started in 2014 with many ideas and a compelling purpose: to reconnect with nature.

The beauty of nature is captivating, it inspires us. We use ancient techniques of craftsmanship to recreate it, always with a modern, colourful eye and a taste of our Brazilian spirit.

Here are some of our techniques:

Beauty in simple
The art of woodcarving is one of the oldest techniques in the history of mankind. It enhances the different, natural hues of wood, creating ornate pieces of unique beauty.

Wood inlay
Art in fine slices
The delicate art of fitting thin slices of wood has been perfected over the centuries. With this technique we enhance the magical colours of nature.

A Sy&Vie signature technique
We match artisanal techniques with our one true inspiration: nature. We apply flowers and foliage in natura to our bags, creating natural treasures full of life.



Sylvie Quartara, artisan extraordinaire, has more than 20 years experience producing home and fashion accessories both in Brazil and the main fashion centres of the world, like Milan, London and Paris. She signs all her creations as Sy &Vie, based on her passion for the ancestral heritage techniques and nature´s timeless inspiration. Her first bags were made of wood inlay in 2014, an unrivaled technique in Brazil at the time. In 2018 she was ready to take a step further through her signature technique coined “Assemblage”,working with forgotten fragments of nature. This innovative technique took more than one year to develop and prime, once again offering a new perspective in fashion.

Nowadays Sylvie adds bits of her own story to each of her creations and dedicates herself to delivering what her bags always compel us to do: to carry the beauty of nature with us always.